Our long-term residential recovery program for men and soon for women is 12+ months and is divided into 3 phases; each designed to build on the foundation of the previous. Building a Solid Foundation Our long-term faith-based residential recovery program assists individuals in gaining freedom from drug and alcohol addiction and other life-controlling problems. Students work to overcome self-destructive patterns associated with their substance use.

  • Accept– Recognition of destructive habits and thoughts that lead to substance abuse.
  • Heal– Focus on healing the wounds of any trauma, past failures, and broken relationships.
  • Discover– Through character development and spiritual growth, an individual will identify personal strengths and set individual goals.
  • Practice– Transitioning into the future includes employment/educational plans, housing, financial planning, relationship skills, support system evaluation, leadership skills, and relapse prevention.

Additional Information

  • Individual Pastoral Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy & Small Groups
  • Tailored assignments or “contracts” to meet individual needs.

Our recovery program incorporates a variety of evidence- based practices in addition to faith-based elements that provide a foundation for lasting recovery.   FAITH-BASED CARE Adults who participate in The Journey Center are given an opportunity to confront their destructive choices, their self-sabotaging behavior, and their unhealthy views with the love of God and the guidance of Biblical principles. One of the major differences between recovery programs and The Journey Center is our emphasis on Christian values and cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this central spiritual dynamic upon which all aspects of the Journey Center recovery program is built.

PHASE 1 Length of Phase- 6 weeks This phase includes intensive classroom time, which allows residents an opportunity to enjoy thorough bible studies and regular counseling sessions, as well as study a wide variety of bible-based curriculum. This allows residents 45 days to focus on the core issues of their alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Our leadership team assists residents in mapping out a plan to live free from addiction and helps residents discover God’s purpose in their lives.

PHASE 2  Indigent Work Therapy Program- 38 Weeks This phase is designed for the benefit of the residents to learn the responsibilities and importance of working a full day as part of their recovery. In addition to morning and afternoon meetings, bible studies, and one on one’s, residents learn life skills, job skills, and a strong work ethic as instructed in the Bible.

Length of Phase- 8 Weeks

In this phase, the resident will move into an extended living setting. During this phase, residents earn money from full-time work and keep the wages earned to help get a new start in life. They will be introduced back into society while maintaining their recovery. Residents will be required to attend 12 step recovery meetings, family support groups, and two church services every week.